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about Bernard (english)

Über Bernard

Guido Bernard   (year of 1968)

Classical trained singer with studies of functional voice training in Munich and more than 12-year professional experience in the area of voice training and a high student density and tight "work routine". Definite craftsman with amain emphasis on "vocal technique",Professional competence in the area of vocal physiology. Vocalcoach for the 2 and 3rd pop star election as well as "MADE" at the Music TV channel MTV and voice trainer for the "Montessori choir" in Munich and many popular artists.  He taeches Breath-and Language-therapists, as well as logopedists and actor-coaches in functional voice training. Since May 05 artistic leader and theatre management of the very well known "Bel Etage Theater" in munich.

For over 10 years Guido Bernard has fokussed on voice training, on voice physiology and on building up technical skills with beginning and  already practising singers, speakers and actors. He has special attention on the voice-physiological connections between function and influenceability of the voice-quality through sense and innermuscular sense.
Primary is the provable order of the voice-physiological systems with which one can steer intentionally for every tonal and artistic (!!!) result, without having to go back to assumptions is in the foreground.
The proovability of this order is content of the lessons,so that a tool is given to the practising singer, into its hand, after successful lessons, which enables one, to him to independently recognize voice-physiological problems and develop "cure routines" when required, to break loose of dependency of permanent supervision and continuous teaching. In the partial contrast to other teaching directions/opinions purpose and exact sequence of the movements of the exercises that are appropritate for the voice are explained in every detail to the student and with practical exercises will be taken to precise and complete understanding. Unnessessary to say, that both the whole person and the whole body are always included in the  production of the tone. So this training is  not for singers who want to experience their voice only intuitively.
Basis of his school is "What I do not understand  - I do not have "!
His voice of course has about all skills which he also teaches,so that the student gets simply through adaptive imitation alone already gets a basic sense of singing. In this  aspect there is no difference to other kind of teachings.
G. Bernard has profund knowledge about the order and the systems, as well as all the physiological conections and context, and can also lay them out clearly, and get the student to understand them, with lot´s of patience. Primarily he declines to one-sidedly have the voice “sing nicely” , but rather insists on a vocal organ, that is tonally versatile and trained thoroughly in all  possible skills. For him the voice is first “physical” and only second “metaphysial”. The voice is only allowed to sing talentedly when i has all possible tools available to produce differetiated forms of expressions. This takes us automatically to voice training, which one should generally put in front of the singing lessons.  

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0170 - 842 03 40
089 - 726 30 608

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